Here you can find all the quadcopters manufactured by Blade.

Blade is Horizon Hobby’s in-house brand. They are mainly focused on mini FPV drones. The tiny Inductrix was their fist ducted fan drone.

Blade quadcopter and drone brand

Blade Inductrix FPV HD: A brand new HD FPV experience!

Blade Inductrix FPV HD drone quadcopter
Over the time, the Blade Inductrix series got many new features. As its name says, this new Blade Inductrix FPV HD brings WiFi 720p real-time image transmission and 1080P on-board video recording. The manufacturer claims that the integrated camera has low-latency and provides beautifully immersive 720p live images straight to your Android or Apple smart device. You can use your phone mounted...

Blade Inductrix FPV Plus review: Best micro FPV drone

Blade Inductrix FPV+ review
Surprisingly, while the Blade Inductrix FPV Plus was one of the most promising micro FPV drone of 2018, I found very few reviews about it. After playing with so many Tiny Whoop clones I was happy to review the upgraded version of the father of all Tiny Whoops, the Blade Inductrix FPV+. I wanted to discover if it's worth the huge price...

Blade Torrent 110 FPV the Brushless Whoop

Blade Torrent 110 micro drone quadcopter
Blade Torrent 110 - Micro brushless quadcopter with ducted propellers  It seems that the "Whoop Mania" is invading also the brushless word. Blade recently announced their first Tiny Whoop alike brushless mini quad called Torrent 110 FPV. The Blade Torrent 110 is a powerful and versatile micro FPV racer that is ideal for outdoor flights as well as for indoor ones. The ducted protectors will prevent damaging...

Blade Scimitar 110: Micro brushless FPV drone for $200

Blade Scimitar 110 FPV drone
While the Blade Scimitar 110 seems to be an upgraded successor of the Torrent 110, it still features only F3 flight controller, not F4 one. In order to make it more aerodynamic, the large Whoop style blade protectors are trimmed. Like in case of its predecessor, all the electric parts are well protected by an injection molded plastic canopy. Out...