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Smartphone quadcopters and drones. Android and iOS controlled quadcopters. These quadcopters can be remotely controlled with any WI-FI smartphone.

Elanview Cicada K quadcopter

Elanview Cicada K flying camera

Elanview Cicada K quadcopter with 16MP camera Certainly, every drone manufacturer tries to bring something new in order to attract more customers. The Elanview Cicada K has a...
Cheerson CX-36C quadcopter

Cheerson CX-36C Glider WI-Fi Quad

Cheerson CX-36C smartphone controlled quadcopter Firstly, when I saw the Cheerson CX-36 family I thought that it has the look of a dragonfly but my second...
Keyshare K2 quadcopter

Keyshare K2 selfie quadcopter

Keyshare K2 ultra compact quadcopter with fordable design New year, new quadcopter models :). This Keyshare K2 quad is advertised to be a flying personal...
JJRC H6W FPV quadcopter

JJRC H6W WIFI first person view quadcopter

JJRC H6W FPV quadcopter with headless mode When I purchased my first quadcopter, few of my friends asked me about the quality of the camera and if...
Cheerson CX-33W tricopter

Cheerson CX-33W with WIFI control

I first read about this CX-33W a few weeks ago and because of its unique design, it was hard for me to tag it....

EHang Ghost Quad

EHang Ghost is claiming to be the world's easiest to fly a quadcopter. It is perfect for beginners and experienced pilots as well. The EHang...