Black Friday & Cyber Monday drone deals (2018)

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Black Friday & Cyber Monday Drone Deals (2018)

As Black Friday & Cyber Monday is less than 2 weeks away and the holiday season slowly creeps upon us, we all started to look for special gifts. This year Black Friday is on the 23rd of November, however, retailers like Banggood, GeekBuying, and GearBest are already dropping their prices in preparation for the big day. If you do not know, Cyber Monday is the first Monday after Black Friday and the whole weekend is the best time of the year for deals.

Unfortunately, not all deals are good deals though. You should avoid deals that offer incredibly high price drops. You know, it is pretty unbelievable that some unknown retailer can offer a $1000 DJI Mavic for only $50. I saw many ads where they are using images and specs of the Mavic for selling an E58 (in the best case), for example. Of course, some reputable stores can offer similar deals, but for a very limited quantity, which will cause many people to arrive early to that store in trying to be one of the lucky few to get one.

Best Black Friday & Cyber Monday drone deals

If a new drone is on your wish list, you’re in luck, because Black Friday offers some of the best deals of the year. Personally, I wish to catch a Hubsan Zino. It seems to be the best drone with 4K under $500.

1. Eachine Tyro99 DIY FPV drone KIT with 23% off

Type: DIY Racing Drone | Skills: Advanced | Camera: 700TVL | FPV: 5.8G | Flight time: Depending on battery capacity | Features: Multiple flight modes & BetaFlight OSD | Package: KIT

The Eachine Tyro 99 DIY drone comes in parts, providing the fun to be assembled by yourself. The package includes the frame kit (including screws), flight controller, ESC, motors and FPV system (VTX, antenna & camera). In order to get it in the air you will additionally need a radio receiver, transmitter, and flight battery.

Eachine Tyro99 Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2018 drone deal

Based on a versatile F4 flight controller, it can be configured with multiple flight modes. While newbies can opt for ANGLE mode, expert pilots can have fun with ACRO mode. View Black Friday deal

2. VISUO XS812 GPS w/ 5MP camera and 3 batteries for US$98.99

Type: GPS camera drone | Skills: Beginner & Intermediate | Camera: 2MP/5MP | FPV: 5G WiFi | Flight time: 15 minutes | Features: GPS positioning system & Smart flight modes | Package: RTF

In addition to the cool Mavic alike foldable design, the TIANQU VISUO XS812 features GPS positioning system and altitude hold. Furthermore, thanks to the high capacity battery, it has up to 15 minutes of flying time.

VISUO XS812 Black Friday / Cyber Monday deal

The XS812 quadcopter is available with 2 types of camera: 2MP and 5MP. At the time you place your order, you can opt for 1, 2 or 3 flight batteries. View Black Friday Deal

3. Xiaomi FiMI A3, now only $279.99

Type: Cruising | Skills: Intermediate | Camera: 1080P w/ 2-axis gimbal | FPV: 5.8G  | Flight time: 25 minutes | Features: GPS, Smart flight modes & Complete FPV system | Package: RTF

While the FiMI A3 was just announced, it is already available for pre-order during the upcoming Black Friday Sale. The Xiaomi MI A3 is a GPS-enabled drone with a Full HD camera on a 2-axis gimbal.

Its camera allows you to record aerial movies in 1920 x 1080 resolution at 30 fps. With the FiMI A3 drone, you can also take pictures with 3264 x 2448 pixels. Compared to other similar drones, it features analog 5.8G FPV instead of digital 5G WiFi FPV. The included remote controller has a built-in FPV screen and DVR.

FiMI A3 Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deal

According to the advertised specs, the 3s/2000mAh Li-Po battery allows up to 25 minutes of flying time. Check Black Friday deal

4. Eachine E58, the best Mavic clone for only US$46.99

Type: Learn-to-Fly | Skills: Beginner | Camera: 0.3/2MP | FPV: WiFi | Flight time: 7-9 minutes | Features: Foldable design, Altitude hold, Headless flying, Multiple flight speed rates & RTH | Package: RTF

Eachine made its entry-level E58 drone with two types of cameras (0.3 and 2MP). Both versions feature WiFi real-time image transmission. 

This Mavic clone is compact and very portable, it has altitude hold and headless flight mode. It easy to control even for completely newbie pilots. Flying time is about 7-9 minutes.

Eachine E58 Black Friday Deal

Lots of retailers have deals going on this foldable drone, but none is better than this one from Banggood. Check Black Friday Deal

5. Eachine E511 with 5MP camera & 3 batteries for only $90.99 (9% off)

Type: Learn-to-Fly | Skills: Beginner | Camera: 2/5MP | FPV: WiFi | Flight time: 15~17 minutes | Features: Altitude hold, Headless flying, Multiple flight speed rates & RTH | Package: RTF

Small portable drones like the Eachine E511 are becoming increasingly more popular. When it’s folded measures only 18.5 x 10.8 x 6.4cm, so you can take it with you everywhere. It is available with two types of WiFi FPV cameras: 2MP and 5MP.

The nice Mavic Air design it is paired with lots of cool features. It has altitude hold, headless flight mode, and multiple speed rates.

Eachine E511 Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2018 deal

According to the manufacturer’s specs, the battery will last you for 17 minutes max on a single charge. It takes up to 150 minutes to charge the battery from 0 to 100% using the provided USB charging adaptor.

6. Eachine Wizard TS215, now with a 46% discount

Type: FPV Drone | Skills: Advanced | Camera: 600TVL | FPV: 5.8G | Flight time: Depending on battery capacity | Features: Onboard DVR & Multiple flight | Package: BNF & PNP

The Wizard TS215 is Eachine’s latest and probably the most versatile FPV drone. It features a durable carbon fiber frame and a versatile F4 flight controller. It uses some own brand TS2306 2450KV motors, which claims that can produce up to 2.3Kg of thrust.

The on-board DVR allows you to record the journey of your flights, without the need of an HD second camera. The 5.8G VTX features up to 800mW transmission power. It supports Smart Audio which lets you change channels and power levels remotely via your transmitter.

Eachine Wizard TS215 Black Friday 2018 deal

Eachine TS215 is an excellent option for someone looking for a versatile and fast FPV racing quadcopter without break the bank. Check Black Friday Deal

Limited time Black Friday drone discount coupons

  1. Extra 8% Off Site-Wide Coupon For RC Black Friday Sale

Promotion Period: 14 November 2018 – 24 November 2018. Coupon Code: 2018BF8%

2. Extra 16% off during BLACK FRIDAY for ZOP LIPO batteries

Use coupon Promotion Period: 13 November 2018 – 30 November 2018. Coupon Code: ZOPDEALS

3. 26% OFF for Emax Tinyhawk Indoor FPV Racing Drone

Use coupon Promotion Period: 10 November 2018 – 23 November 2018.

4. HGLRC Batman220 FPV Racing quadcopter with 22% OFF

Use coupon Promotion Period: 10 November 2018 – 23 November 2018. Coupon Code: Bt220

5. Eachine EV900 HD 5.8G 40CH HDMI AR VR FPV Goggles with 47% OFF

Promotion Period: 10 November 2018 – 31 December 2018.

6. 20% off for Eachine E010 Mini (final price only $7.92!!!)

Promotion Period: Black Friday 2018. Coupon code: 90b7fc

7. Extra 10% off on orders over $100 for FPV gears;

Use coupon Promotion Period: Black Friday 2018. Coupon code: BF10

Exclusive Cyber Monday coupon deals

1. FullSpeed Leader 3SE 130mm FPV Racing Drone Cyber Monday 12% OFF

Use coupon Promotion Period: 23 November 2018 – 08 December 2018: 10FS3SE

2. URUAV UX14 2in1 Receiver Compatible Frsky Flysky 24% OFF

Use coupon Promotion Period: 23 November 2018 – 10 December 2018: 20UX14

3. T-MOTOR F80 PRO 3-6S Brushless Motor 25% OFF

Use coupon Promotion Period: 23 November 2018 – 01 December 2018: f80pro

4. KINGKONG/LDARC FLY EGG V2 130 FPV Racing Drone 17% OFF

Use coupon Promotion Period: 23 November 2018 – 01 December 2018: 28FLYEGG

5. FrSky ACCST Taranis Q X7 16CH Mode 2 Transmitter 46% OFF 

Use coupon Promotion Period: 23 November 2018 – 02 December 2018: 15FRX7

After Black Friday drone sales

1. Eachine Wizard TS130 FPV Racing Drone 19% OFF 

Use coupon Promotion Period: 27 November 2018 – 31 December 2018: UAVTS

2. 10% OFF for Eachine E56 720P WIFI FPV Selfie Drone (valid only 4 days!)

Use coupon Promotion Period: 27 November 2018 – 01 December 2018: aae2c1

3. T-MOTOR FALCON 15 95mm micro FPV Racing Drone w/ 24% OFF

View Promotion Promotion Period: 27 November 2018 – 08 December 2018

Bottom line

Here, we will be constantly updating the best deals for drones, in the run-up to Black Friday and beyond. If you, somehow, miss out on the best Black Friday bargains, check back on Cyber Monday (November 26th) for more big savings!

Update history
  • 11/14/2018 Black Friday discount coupons added;
  • 11/15/2018 Added coupon code for Eachine E010 Mini;
  • 11/16/2018 Added Eachine E58 BF2018 deal;
  • 11/19/2018 Added Eachine E511 Black Friday Markdown offer;
  • 11/21/2018 46% off for Eachine TS215;
  • 11/22/2018 new Black Friday promotion banner added;
  • 11/22/2018 Extra 10% off for FPV gears coupon code;
  • 11/25/2018 Cyber Monday coupon deals added;
  • 11/30/2018 Added after Black Friday sales.

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