Foxeer Legend 1 camera review

Foxeer Legend 1 camera review
Foxeer Legend 1 lightweight quadcopter camera It seems I have reached the end of my small form-factor camera road-map. This Foxeer Legend 1 is the last model from the "Mobius family" which I have to review. It will definitely be hard for this Foxeer camera to fight with the features of the new RunCam 2. In my opinion, the biggest challenge of the...

ROA Parkour 280 Racer quadcopter

ROA Parkour 280 Racing quadcopter
ROA Parkour 280 racing quadcopter with foldable arms Frankly, I never heard before anything about the manufacturer of the ROA Parkour 280 racer quadcopter, but I'm already used with more and more "players" entry on the market. This is good because this way the price of the RC products are going down. Last weekend I had my first flights with a truly racing quadcopter,...

Eachine H8C Mini quadcopter review

Eachine H8C Mini eview
Eachine H8C Mini - Cheapest quadcopter with camera Newbies are always looking for affordable models with on-board camera so this new Eachine H8C Mini quadcopter seems to be dedicated for them. It has a nice design and extremely attractive price. Eachine had a great success with the previous H8 model being probably the only multi-rotor sold under $13. In order to attract even more customers...

RunCam 2 quadcopter camera review

RunCam 2 review
 RunCam 2 lightweight FPV camera for RC fanatics If I count correctly, this RunCam 2 will be the 7th quadcopter camera which I'm lately reviewing. Honestly, I didn't find yet the camera which offers brilliant quality at affordable price. Who knows, being the lucky 7th this RunCam 2 will be the best camera for me :) It would be nice to make a side-by-side comparison...

FLYPRO XEagle Professional Quadcopter

FLYPRO XEagle Proffesional
FLYPRO XEagle with 4K camera and xWatch Lately I read that many quadcopter manufacturers started to develop obstacle avoidance. This FLYPRO XEagle seems to be the first consumer grade quadcopter which adopts this high-end feature. With a built-in infrared photoelectric sensor can detect obstacles from 10cm up to 15meters and avoid collisions. I'm very curious to see the first test videos of this features. The...

WST Shuttle-280 racing quadcopter

WST Shuttle-280 racer
WST Shuttle-280 racer with real time image transmission Looking on the images with this WST Shuttle-280 racing quad, I don't know why, I have the impression of a"flying pig" :D. Although the fully enclosed design seems to be a good idea because it will protect the components in case of crash-lands. Thanks to the 1-axis gimbal, the tilt angle of the frontal camera can...

JJRC H6W WIFI first person view quadcopter

JJRC H6W FPV quadcopter
JJRC H6W FPV quadcopter with headless mode When I purchased my first quadcopter, few of my friends asked me about the quality of the camera and if it's capable for FPV flights. It seems these two factors are very important features for newbies. This new JJRC H6W quadcopter comes with a 2MP camera and WIFI real time image transmission. During my experience I have not...

UPair Chase user manual

UPair Chase PDF User guide
UPair Chase instruction guide download page GPS quadcopters like this UPair Chase are chosen especially for aerial filming. This model is equipped with a 2-axis gimbal which allows smooth - vibration free - videos. The tilt angle of the gimbal can be easily adjusted through a dial knob. The Up Air Chase can be purchased together with a FULL HD camera or, for more demanding aerial videos,...

Kylin KF-250 racing quadcopter

Kylin KF-250 quadcopter
Kylin KF-250 first person view racer Just published my Runner 250 Advance review and already have my eye on another racing quadcopter, the Kylin KF-250. Built around the CC3D flight controller, it can be a very serious competitor on its segment. As I mentioned many times, racing quadcopters are full of fun but, in my opinion, there are suitable only for advanced pilots. Unlike the previously mentioned...

Runner 250 Advance racing quadcopter review

Runner 250 Advance review
Runner 250 Advance - My first Racing Quadcopter Few weeks ago I've already introduced this Runner 250 Advance on my website. Ever since it was announced it seemed like a very interesting model. Adding GPS system to a racing quadcopter was an interesting movement from Walkera, although some pilots considered this an unnecessary one. The previous "Runner 250" model proved to be a very popular racer. In my opinion, Walkera, through the GPS...