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Best starter drone under $50: Eachine E58 review

Best Starter Drone under $50
Based on my personal experience, learning to fly a drone begins with learning how not to crash or bump it into something. After reviewing dozens of drones, I find the Eachine E58 one of the best starter drone under $50. In addition to the cool Mavic design, it comes with many beginner oriented features. I got a lot of comments here at...

Eachine LCD5802S FPV screen review

Eachine LCD5802S FPV review
Eachine LCD5802S 5.8GHz 7" LCD with diversity Yesterday I had my first FPV flight using this Eachine LCD5802S screen and it performed very well. It was a great autumn Sunday, with perfect colors, lots of sun, just perfect for going out and playing with my new "toys". I had an awesome 15 minutes fight with my X380 Quad equipped with a 2D Gimbal, RunCam HD camera and 600mW...

SKRC Q16 quadcopter review

SKRC Q16 quadcopter review
SKRC Q16 - Dirty cheap WiFi quadcopter After many "high-end" quadcopter reviews, it was time to test something more affordable, the SKRC Q16. This model was announced about 4 weeks ago by an unknown Chinese manufacturer (at least for me) called "ShengKai". Basically, the design of the SKRC Q16 reminds me about the Syma X5C, which was my first quadcopter. Lately, I read many...

Eachine E010 Mini quadcopter review

Eachine E010 review
Eachine E010 cheap mini drone with ducted fans At the time when Eachine E010 Mini was announced everyone was curious if it can beat in terms of features and specs the Blade Inductrix or the Tiny Whoop (TW). Especially because the E010 Mini is sold for a fraction of their price. Although the above 3 mentioned mini quadcopters have approximately the same design, only the TW features a FPV camera. I...

GoolRC T32 review: Nice learn to fly drone

GoolRC T32 drone review
Era of flying selfies is right around the corner, cheap drones like the GoolRC T32 are announced weekly. Maybe these toys are not perfect like the expensive DJI products yet, but technology is rapidly developing in this area and I'm sure that soon every one will afford his personal flying camera. GoolRC T32 follows the basic concept of the JJRC H37...

Eachine E011C review: Flying Santa Claus with Xmas Song

Eachine E011C drone review
It seems that this Christmas, Rudolph, the red nosed reindeer, remains without a job. Santa Claus will fly through your chimney with the Eachine E011C drone :) Over the last few years drones became extremely popular. From kids to retirees, passionate of remote controller toys, would love to find such gadgets under their Christmas tree. Eachine E011C is not just a...

AKK X2 review: Super mini VTX with up to 800mW

AKK X2 review
Since the first FPV drones, VTXs evolved a lot. They became smaller and more powerful. In addition to the compact size and up to 800mW broadcast power, the AKK X2 comes with Smart Audio. This means that you can configure the AKK X2 remotely via your transmitter. Currently, there are two approaches supported by BetaFlight OSD to control the VTX,...

Z1-Evolution 3-Axis Gimbal review

Zhiyun Z1-Evo review
ZhiYun Z1-Evolution handheld 3D gimbal I know this Zhiyun Z1-Evolution is not a 100% quadcopter related gadget, but if you want to make product reviews you will definitely need such a device. Usually, I record my maiden flights with a smartphone or with a head mounted action camera. I always wanted a professional alternative but didn't have the time to analyze the possibilities. For...

JJRC H5C another X5C clone

JJRC H5C - new quadcopter or just rebranding? Looking on the design and the specs nothing new on the JJRC H5C. It's only a rebranded Syma X5C. The only changes on this quadcopter is the logo on the top of the aircraft and the remote controller. Probably they will drop the price with a few dollars to be more attractive then the Syma...

Foxeer HS1177 V2 review: Better housing, improved electronics

Foxeer HS1177 V2 FPV camera review
Foxeer's XAT600M classic FPV camera gets new skin and some extras. The upgraded Foxeer HS1177 V2 comes with metal case and wider input voltage. To be trendy, the camera is available in 3 colors (orange, blue and black). First edition of the HS1177 camera, due to its low weight and good image quality has quickly become popular among professional FPV pilots and...

Aomway 1/3 camera review: CCD, 650TVL, OSD and Mic

Aomway 1/3 CCD camera review
With the Aomway 1/3 CCD 650TVL you got more than a simple camera. Its OSD allows you to monitor the elapsed flight time and battery voltage. Frankly, in case of FPV flights, these two are the most important telemetry information. It is critical to know if you have enough craft to return and land. Aomway was founded in 2011 and, as their...