In this category, you can find all the new 4DRC drones and quadcopters released. 4DRC is a relatively drone brand focused on cheap entry-level RC toys.

4DRC V20 ELF affordable toy drone

The 4DRC V20 ELF is an affordable folding toy-grade drone. It is available for $59.99 with a 6K camera or $48.99 without a camera. Designed for kids, it comes with a cool LED enhanced transparent storage case. Thanks to the 3.7V 1200mAh LiPo battery, the flight time is about 15 minutes. It is sold with two batteries in the box. With...

4DRC V5 Light Mini drone for kids

4DRC V5 Elf
If you are searching for a Christmas toy drone for your kids, the 4DRC V5 Elf could be a great option for under $50. It comes with cool multi-color LED lights and a 360° protective blade guard. To be easily controllable by younger pilots, it features multiple speed rates and barometric altitude hold. The 4DRC V5 measures just 9x9x5cm and...

4DRC F9 Pro 2021: Mavic Mini alternative under $90

Photo of 4DRC F9 Pro
Priced for only $89, the 4DRC F9 Pro drone is the cheapest GPS-enabled Mavic Mini alternative with brushless motors, intelligent flight modes, and a dual-camera system. In addition to the frontal 6K camera, it has a 1080P camera which serves as an optical flow positioning sensor (OFP). The main camera is capable to take 4096 * 3072 photos and recording...

4DRC V15 Zeros – Toy grade racing quadcopter

4DRC V15 Zeros
The V15 Zeros is the first drone announced in 2022 by 4DRC, a very popular toy drone brand. This time they came up with a compact entry-level brushed 'racing' drone suitable. This is a camera drone and to be honest, this is the main reason that people buy drones. 4DRC V15 comes equipped with two cameras, a 6K in front...

4DRC F3: Toy grade Mavic Air 2 Alternative

The 4DRC F3 is a toy-grade drone that wants to be a budget Mavic Air 2 Alternative. Of course, for a fifth of the DJI's price, you can't expect the same set of advanced features. Dronemodelismo did a great comparison between the 4DRC F3 and the Mavic Air 2. It has a similar folding design as the Mavic Air 2...

4DRC F13 aka F-XIII Rambler

4DRC F13
The 4DRC F13 (F-XIII Rambler) comes with some top-notch features for a reasonable price. In addition to the handy folding design, it comes with an advanced 360° obstacle avoidance system. Its true 4K main camera uses a 1/3inch CMOS sensor and f/2.8 lens that allows 3840x2160@30fps video recording with up to 50Mbps. With folded arms, the drone measures just 160...