Drones by Price

If you are searching for a drone on a budget, FirstQuadcopter has recommendations for you. We will help you shop the best drone for your money, according to your needs.

You can find your desired drone in six specific price ranges. We collected a large variety of drones on each category. Whether you are a FPV pilot or aerial filming enthusiast you will find the drone that fits for you best.

Drone range by price:

Drones under $50

Drones from $51-100

Drones from $101-200

Drones from $201-500

Drones from $501-1000

Drones over $1000

Some of the drones from the ranges above were tested by our review team. We will happy to help in case you need more details regarding any of them.

ALZRC Mr.Q-190 combo racing quadcopter

ALZRC Mr.Q 190 racing drone
ALZRC Mr.Q 190 with OpenPilot CC3D flight controller In 2016, under the "Quadcopter News" section I introduced many interesting racing quadcopters like this ALZRC Mr.Q-190. Although they were from...

Warlark 80 micro FPV racing quadcopter for indoor fun

Warlark 80 micro quadcopter drone
Warlark-80 - Another Tiny Whoop clone Lately TW clones like the Warlark 80 are announced very often. These small drones are perfect for indoor flights. The...

Walkera Rodeo F110 FPV racing quad

Walkera Rodeo F110 drone qauadcotper
Rodeo F110 - Walkera's smallest brushless FPV racing drone This new Walkera Rodeo F110 seems to be the perfect micro brushless FPV quad for indoor...

HELIWAY 908 RC quadcopter for newbies

HELIWAY 908 RC quadcopter drone
HELIWAY 908 RC drone with altitude hold and WiFi FPV When it comes to beginners I always recommend basic and inexpensive models like this HELIWAY...

Eachine Falcon 120 ultra-compact FPV quadcopter

Eachine Falcon 120 FPV racing drone
Eachine Falcon 120 tiny micro FPV racing drone Slowly Eachine slowly becomes one of the most popular racing quadcopter manufacturer. They announce new models almost...

IDEA-FLY Poseidon-480 waterproof quadcopter

IDEAFLY Poseidon 480 waterproof quadcotper
IdeaFly Poseidon-480 - Fisherman's best RC drone :D I bet that every pilot is a bit afraid to fly above a lake or river with his precious drone. The...

Tovsto Falcon 210 racing FPV quadcopter

Tovsto Falcon 210 racing FPV quadcopter
Tovsto Falcon 210 professional racing drone with F3 flight controller Yesterday I found out about a new and interesting racing quadcopter called "Tovsto Falcon 210". Frankly, this quadcopter manufacturer it's...

XK X300 quadcopter with attractive design

XK X300F and XK X300W drones
XK X300F and XK X300W - two new quadcopters from XK Innovations Following the success of the XK X380 and XK X252, XK Innovations announces...

Phantom 4 Pro revealed by DJI

DJI Phantom 4 Pro
DJI Phantom 4 Pro - Probably the Best Quadcopter of 2016 DJI just announced two new drone models, the Phantom 4 Pro and the Inspire 2....

JD-10HW quadcopter with WiFi FPV and Alt-Hold

JD-10HW drone with alt-hold
JD-10HW dirty cheap quadcopter for newbies I bet that one day before 11.11 every quadcopter enthusiast start looking for a new quadcopter. I know this because I'm doing the...

Youbi XV-130 micro FPV quadcopter

Youbi XV-130 quadcopter drone
Youbi XV-130 quadcopter with Awesome F3 integrated flight controller New micro brushless FPV quadcopter was just announced. The Youbi XV-130 is based on the F3 integrated...