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For sure, racing quadcopters are the most widespread FPV quadcopters. In this category you can find the cheapest as well the best FPV quadcopters.

FPV Quadcopters and drones

First person view (FPV) quadcopters are equipped with wireless image transmission modules (TX).

KingKong Tiny7 review: Tiny Whoop for less

KingKong TiNY7 drone review
Till I get the genuine one, I thought to review the KingKong Tiny 7. As you can see in the image above, it is a very good replica of the popular Inductrix FPV. The ducted propeller design proved to be not just cool but also very safe. When flying indoor or close to people, accidents are almost inevitable. Due to its...

Amimon Falcore HD FPV: High-end racing drone

Amimon Falcore HD racing drone
Surly for nearly 800 bucks, the Amimon Falcore HD is not the cheapest racing quadcopter. Checking the specs, I found out that the hefty price comes from the FPV system. The CONNEX ProSight HD Vision Kit (professional delay-free FPV) costs itself $399. The Connex Falcore 8-CH transmitter equipped with the ProSight VTX looks pretty high-end. In order to allow excellent reception quality, the...

Blade Torrent 110 FPV the Brushless Whoop

Blade Torrent 110 micro drone quadcopter
Blade Torrent 110 - Micro brushless quadcopter with ducted propellers  It seems that the "Whoop Mania" is invading also the brushless word. Blade recently announced their first Tiny Whoop alike brushless mini quad called Torrent 110 FPV. The Blade Torrent 110 is a powerful and versatile micro FPV racer that is ideal for outdoor flights as well as for indoor ones. The ducted protectors will prevent damaging...

Storm racing drone SRD280: Ultimate FPV quad

Storm racing qudcopter srd280
Storm SRD280 V4 with BeeRotor BRF3 flight controller While I was looking for a professional racing quadcopter I came across the HeliPal's Storm SRD280 (aka RoboCat). The 4th generation of the Storm SRD280 racing drone comes with the same beautiful design (as its predecessors) but with better flight controller and upgraded propulsion system (motors, ESCs and propellers). The protective canopy of the Storm SRD280...

Walkera Furious 215 FPV racer

Walkera Furious 215 FPV quad
Walkera Furious 215 with Mainstream F3 flight controller Walkera just announced their second generation of Furious racing quadcopters. This new model has a much smaller size (215mm instead of 320mm). At first look, thanks to the black carbon fiber frame and red propellers, the Walkera Furious 215 has a very professional design. In front of the aircraft is located a 600TVL camera with angle...

Tiny Whoop: Worth to buy alternatives

Tiny Whoop cheap alternatives
Are there reliable alternatives for the Tiny Whoop drone? Although last year I reviewed many Tiny Whoop clones, still didn't have the chance to test the real one. Biggest disadvantage of the original over its copies is the high price tag. Probably Tiny Whoop fans will say that the higher price is covered by better build quality and unmatched flight performance. What does "Tiny Whoop"...

KINGKONG Tiny 7 another Inductrix clone

KINGKONG Tiny 7 fpv drone
KINGKONG Tiny 7 micro FPV quad with ducted prepellers and 800TVL camera Thanks to the protective canopy, the KINGKONG Tiny 7 looks more like a Blade Inductrix clone than a Tiny Whoop copy. Based on the versatile F3 flight controller, it can be configured with multiple flight modes (like: Acro or Angle). According to your existing transmitter (remote controller) you can opt between 3...

Eachine Vtail QX110 micro FPV quad

Eachine Vtail QX110 drone
Eachine Vtail QX110 - brushed drone with OSD and 600TVL Over the time Eachine became one of the most active player on the brushed drone market. They announce new modes like this Eachine Vtail QX110 almost every week. It seems they have abandoned the ducted propeller design and now they want to try something new. The QX110 comes with an unique "V" shaped tail design. Thanks to the...

DM002 drone review: Dirty cheap and easy to build

DM002 DIY drone review
DM002 - Cheap DIY quadcopter with FPV camera Recently, I received the DM002 quadcopter for tests, a Chinese RC toy quite entertaining with an attractive price. I assembled it and played around with it and now it is time to write my review, of course at the end of which I will draw the final conclusions. As I previously mentioned many times, the fact that a drone comes in parts should not scare...

ASUAV RS220 Awesome FPV Racer

ASUAV RS220 FPV racing drone
Permeants ASUAV RS220 racing quadcopter with FPV camera As we are in late winter, it is time to switch from indoor drones to outdoor FPV racing drones like this Awesome ASUAV RS220. When it comes to first-time pilots, speed is not everything, they need durable drones. Based on my experience, carbon-fiber frames has better chance to survive nasty crashes than nylon ones. Thanks...

Eachine Flyingfrog Q90 FPV quadcopter

Eachine Q90 quadcopter
Eachine Q90 drone with F3 flight controller and 1000TVL FPV camera After the invasion of ducted drones, Eachine returned to the classic propeller protectors. The Eachine FlyingFrog Q90 adopts a nice frog alike design. According to your existing transmitter, you can opt between 3 RX/TX protocols (FrSky, Flysky or DSM2). The RX module is advertised with small size, so it is not integrated...