FPV Drones

For sure, racing quadcopters are the most widespread FPV drones.

In this category you can find the cheapest as well the best FPV quadcopters.

FPV drones. FPV racing quadcopters

First person view (FPV) quadcopters are equipped with wireless image transmission modules (VTX).

LANCHI MONSTER ultra compact brushless FPV racer

Thanks to its small size, the LANCHI MONSTER drone is suitable for both indoor and outdoor flights. Anyway, due to the powerful brushless motors I recommend this mini FPV racer for indoor practice only for experienced pilots.Like many recent racing drones, the LANCHI MONSTER is also based on the versatile F4 flight controller. By default it comes with the popular...

Kingkong 95GT micro brushless FPV quad

Kingkong 95GT drone
Frankly based on my good experience with the Tiny7, I was glad to hear that KingKong announces a similar sized micro drone with brushless motors. The Kingkong 95GT's lifting power is generated by four pieces of 1105-8500KV brushless motors.Thanks to the protective canopy and propeller protection frame, the KingKong 95GT quadcopter is ideal for outdoor as well for indoor flights. Newbies...

Eachine Wizard X220S FPV Racer drone

Eachine Wizard X220S quadcopter
Eachine Wizard X220S racing quadcopter for GoPro Session and RunCam 3 After the popular 250mm sized racing quads, Eachine came up yesterday with a smaller model called Wizard X220S. Even if has only 220mm wheelbase, natively comes with GoPro Session camera mount.In order to be fast and reactive, the Eachine Wizard X220S is powered by a 4cell, 75C Li-Po battery.The Wizard X220S...

Realacc Scops 100 Y4 FPV racing drone

Realacc Scops 100 FPV drone quadcopter
This week, Realacc (subdivision of Eachine brand) announced their second micro FPV brushless quad with an even more interesting design. At first look, the Realacc Scops 100 seems to be a tri-copter but, considering that the two rear motors are one over another, it is a classical quad-copter with Y4 design.Measuring only 120 x 120mm x 65mm you might think that the Scops 100...

Realacc Horns 3D FPV Racing Quad

Realacc Horns 100 3D FPV drone
In order to allow fully immersed flight experience, the Realacc Horns 100 quadcopter is equipped not with just one but two cameras. For me personally, being fully immersed (using FPV goggles) makes me feel a bit uncomfortable and I would rather prefer a FPV monitor giving me the ability to switch quickly between LoS (line of sight) and drone view.Each 600TVL camera has its own 5.8G VTX module allowing to individually set the desired broadcast...

Ideafly Octopus F90 aka RoboWhoop

Ideafly Octopus F90 mini FPV drone
IdeaFly Octopus F90 micro FPV quadcopter with F3 flight controller Like many Chinese drone manufactures, IdeaFly also announced their own TinyWhoop clone called Octopus F90. While its name suggests that we are dealing with an octocopter, it has only 4 rotors.The IdeaFly Octopus F90 comes in a nice black/green color combination. In front of the drone is located a bright LED light that...

Furious Moskito 70 tiny brushless FPV racer

Furious Moskito 70 drone
In my opinion, thanks to the nice red/green contrast, the Furious Moskito 70 has one of the coolest design among the many ducted propeller drones.The Moskito 70 is an Uber small and lightweight brushless FPV racing quadcopter. Due to the powerful 10.000kv brushless motors it is suitable not just for indoor flights but for outdoor flights as well.Featuring the versatile F3 flight controller, the...

Warlark Pro brushless FPV quad

Warlark PRO FPV mini quad
Lately I introduced many mini drones with ducted props, but this Warlark Pro will be the first which features penta-blade propellers. Frankly, I would be curious to test one because till now I was totally disappointed by all props over 3-blades. They are much more noisy.According to your existing transmitter you can opt between 3 type of radio receivers: A-DSMX/2, B-SFHSS/FRSKY...

Eachine DustX58 ultra small brushless FPV racer

Eachine Dust X58 quadcopter
Surely, the Eachine DustX58 is not just one of the smallest brushless FPV racing quadcopter but also the lightest. It weights only 25 grams (without battery) and has 58mm wheelbase (rotor to opposite rotor size).Unlike other Eachine mini FPV drones, this DustX58 comes only with FrSky radio. Paired with the X9D Plus transmitter you will have about 200 meters...

Eachine QX110 VTail quadcopter review

Eachine V-Tail QX110 quadcopter review
About a month ago I introduced this Eachine V-tail QX110 drone in the news section and now it is time for an in-depth review of this nice and versatile mini racer.Compared to other micro FPV drones that I lately reviewed, the Eachine QX110 comes with OSD, buzzer and status LED bar. Unusual I may say, because these features are found only on larger multi-rotors.Frankly,...

KingKong Tiny7 review: Tiny Whoop for less

KingKong TiNY7 drone review
Till I get the genuine one, I thought to review the KingKong Tiny 7. As you can see in the image above, it is a very good replica of the popular Inductrix FPV.The ducted propeller design proved to be not just cool but also very safe. When flying indoor or close to people, accidents are almost inevitable. Due to its...