Storm racing drone SRD280: Ultimate FPV quad

Storm racing qudcopter srd280
Storm SRD280 V4 with BeeRotor BRF3 flight controller While I was looking for a professional racing quadcopter I came across the HeliPal's Storm SRD280 (aka RoboCat). The 4th generation of the Storm SRD280 racing drone comes with the same beautiful design (as its predecessors) but with better flight controller and upgraded propulsion system (motors, ESCs and propellers). The protective canopy of the Storm SRD280...

Eachine E011 mini drone with brick figures

Eachine E011 mini drone
Eachine E011 - cheap quadcopter with extra fun Lately, many drone manufactures try to combine the fun of drones with Lego bricks. The Eachine E011 comes with a brick plate instead of a regular cockpit, which allows to attach the included Lego Nexo Nights alike figure on top of the drone. The Eachine E011 mini quadcopter is announced in two color combinations: black and...

Eachine VR007 Pro Upgraded FPV goggles

Eachine VR-007 Pro 5.8G FPV glasses
Eachine VR-007 Pro FPV Video Headset for less than $40 Last week, Eachine announced a new upgraded version of their cheapest FPV goggles called, the Eachine VR007 Pro. Curiously, even if we talk about an improved model, the "Pro" version will cost less than its predecessor. This attractive price tag will be definitely appreciated by the Tiny Whoop pilots. The VR007Pro FPV headplay is built around...

Foxeer Box 4k Superview quadcopter camera

Foxeer Box 4k Superview
Foxeer Box 4k camera with GoPro Session design Although I find the "Mobius" design much proper for quadcopters, it seems that all major drone camera manufacturers move to cubic design. Like GoPro Hero, this new Foxeer Box 4k comes with the same compact cubic shape (40 x 40 x 40mm). Compared to its predecessor (Legend 1), the Foxeer Box 4k camera offers much higher...

Walkera Furious 215 FPV racer

Walkera Furious 215 FPV quad
Walkera Furious 215 with Mainstream F3 flight controller Walkera just announced their second generation of Furious racing quadcopters. This new model has a much smaller size (215mm instead of 320mm). At first look, thanks to the black carbon fiber frame and red propellers, the Walkera Furious 215 has a very professional design. In front of the aircraft is located a 600TVL camera with angle...

AOMWAY Upgraded 7″ FPV monitor

AOMWAY Upgraded FPV Monitor with DVR
AOMWAY HD518 7" FPV display with integrated DVR and diversity 40CH 5.8G VRX Looking for a new FPV monitor with DVR I came across to this Aomway "Upgraded" one. Compared to other cheep FPV screens, the Aomway HD518 is capable not just to record videos but also to play them. At first look, my only concern about this AOMWAY Upgraded FPV LCD is the lack...

HexH2O Pro v2 waterproof hexacopter

HexH2O Pro V2 profesional waterproof drone
HexH2O Pro v2 professional waterproof drone for commercial use Usually I accept for review most of the offered quadcopters. This HexH2O Pro v2, being more expensive than my wife's car, would make me think twice. The predicted price of this marine drone starts from 6000 euro (6449 USD). Quadh2o is a UK based drone company orientated on waterproof multi-rotors. Their first water...

Tiny Whoop: Worth to buy alternatives

Tiny Whoop cheap alternatives
Are there reliable alternatives for the Tiny Whoop drone? Although last year I reviewed many Tiny Whoop clones, still didn't have the chance to test the real one. Biggest disadvantage of the original over its copies is the high price tag. Probably Tiny Whoop fans will say that the higher price is covered by better build quality and unmatched flight performance. What does "Tiny Whoop"...

KINGKONG Tiny 7 another Inductrix clone

KINGKONG Tiny 7 fpv drone
KINGKONG Tiny 7 micro FPV quad with ducted prepellers and 800TVL camera Thanks to the protective canopy, the KINGKONG Tiny 7 looks more like a Blade Inductrix clone than a Tiny Whoop copy. Based on the versatile F3 flight controller, it can be configured with multiple flight modes (like: Acro or Angle). According to your existing transmitter (remote controller) you can opt between 3...

Eachine DVR03 review: Camera, VTX, Antenna and DVR

Eachine DVR03 FPV camera with integrated DVR (video recorder) At first impression, adding video recording feature to a FPV camera sounds very good. Using the Eachine DVR03 camera you will not need any additional device to capture the journey of your flight. Yes, this is great, but think about you crash on a river and your videos are gone. Over the last year...