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Smartphone quadcopters and drones. Android and iOS controlled quadcopters. These quadcopters can be remotely controlled with any WI-FI smartphone.

JJRC H51 Rocket drone overview

JJRC H51 Rocket overview: Features and specs

Lately, most of the toy drone manufactures began to introduce more and more strange concepts: flying Eggs, Cubes, Christmas threes but, no flying pizzas -...
XiangYu XY017HW Falcon drone review

XiangYu XY017HW review: All you need from your first drone

At a $50 base price, the XiangYu XY017HW offers many popular features and some extras. Compared to other cheap toy drones, the XY017HW brings...
DA MING DM107S drone

DA MING DM107S APP controlled drone

Thanks to the fold-able arms, the DA MING DM107S drone is very portable. When is folded, it measures only 17 X 14.5 X 6 cm. In...
FQ777 FQ26 Miracle drone review

FQ777 FQ26 drone review: First flying cube

After the flying egg, here is the first flying cube. In folded position you would not think that the FQ777 FQ26 is actually capable to fly,...
Syma X8Pro GPS quadcopter

Syma X8PRO GPS quadcopter for decent price

Finally, Syma came up with their first GPS quadcopter. In order to allow precise auto return to home (RTH), the Syma X8PRO is equipped...


After a long absence, Wingsland returns with their first wannabe racing drone called X1. Honestly, adopting WiFi FPV, the WINGSLAND X1 is far away to...
Flytec T13 drone review

Flytec T13 review: Pocket selfie drone

In order to bring something new on the selfie drone market, the Flytec T13 adopts half-reversed propellers. On front, the propellers are as usual (above...
JJRC H47 Elfie Plus drone

JJRC H47 Elfie Plus drone: One hand control

Last week I was contacted to review this JJRC H47 Elfie Plus, but lately being quite busy I said pass. Anyway, I thought that at...
Eachine E57 drone

Eachine E57 quadcopter: Thinnest selfie drone

Having a thickness of just 9.5 mm, we can say easily that the Eachine E57 is one of the thinnest selfie drone on the...
Eachine E51 quadcopter review

Eachine E51 review: Foldable drone for newbies

Hi and welcome back, the Eachine E51 review is my fifth article on FirstQuadcopter.com. Traditionally, I will try to reveal as much information as possible about...
Eachine E56 drone

Eachine E56 with innovative gyro control

Eachine E56 brings new waves in the word of toy drones. Instead of the usual two stick transmitter, it adopts a "magic" remote controller...