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All drone pilots have funny or sad flying experiences that can share here on FirstQuadcopter.com.

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Cape Town aerial video taken with DJI Phantom drone

Cape town aerial video waken dji phantom quadcopter
Living in Cape Town, we are continually flawed by the beauty our city has to offer. As content creators and consumers ourselves we have seen our city captured from every angle there is. From FPV trail runs, to sweeping vistas captured from up high, it was hard to share the majesty of our city in a way we felt...

Need advice to purchase my first drone

my first drone under $200
Recomandations for my first drone Greetings and Salutations !!! Love your website and videos !!!! This 55 year old father of 2 is desperately looking to buy his FIRST quadcopter. Unfortunately, I've never operated anything that is RC so I know I need something easy. At the advice of someone on an RC forum, I bought a Eachine H8 Mini. I was told its...

My Cape Town Selfie with DJI Phantom quadcopter

Ultimate selfie quadcopter video
Selfie video captured with DJI quadcopter in Cape Town First of all, thank you so much for sharing my drone video last week. I have another which is pretty unique and something I think you'd definitely like! If you do like it then please feel free to share :) Drones have become one of the most coveted film tools ever to...

Request for flying testimonials

First quadcopter-testinonial
TO: Site Monitor I would like to post some still pictures along with my comments. Can I do this? If so, how would I do it? If not I certainly understand. I don’t want to start my own web site and I think this site may grow with more content. I really love messing with these inexpensive Quads. I have...

DJI drone films 80 tons whales in Hermanus

Every year large numbers of Southern Right Whales travel from the Antarctic to the warmer Walker Bay off the coast of South Africa to calve and mate. Located about an hour and a half out of Cape Town, Hermanus is one of the best whale watching spots in the world, welcoming dozens of these gentle ocean creatures each year. As...