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All drone pilots have funny or sad flying experiences that can share here on FirstQuadcopter.com.

Flying testimonials – Share your best flying moments.

Hot Rod your Quadcopter

Mould King Quadcopter Hot Rod mod
Part 2 - Evaluation and Dis-assembly I received my X5C clones in about 2 weeks from the order date. So now I have to evaluate their strengths and weaknesses to determine which one to “ HOT ROD “. I'm going to pick one before I disassemble the lucky winner. We'll start with the Mould King 33034. PROS: Cost less, faster than the...

Cape Town aerial video taken with DJI Phantom drone

Cape town aerial video waken dji phantom quadcopter
Living in Cape Town, we are continually flawed by the beauty our city has to offer. As content creators and consumers ourselves we have seen our city captured from every angle there is. From FPV trail runs, to sweeping vistas captured from up high, it was hard to share the majesty of our city in a way we felt...

Need advice to purchase my first drone

my first drone under $200
Recomandations for my first drone Greetings and Salutations !!! Love your website and videos !!!! This 55 year old father of 2 is desperately looking to buy his FIRST quadcopter. Unfortunately, I've never operated anything that is RC so I know I need something easy. At the advice of someone on an RC forum, I bought a Eachine H8 Mini. I was told its...

My first flight with the Cheerson CX-20

my first flight with Cheerson cx-20
CX-20 - My first big quadcopter In past I had only the little and famous Cx-10 witch truly is a toy. When I ordered the cx-20 I was a little bit uncertain because this is a BIG quad-copter and for my budget is not a cheap one. Finnaly I conviced myself that buying this copter is the best decision to spend my money and, after...

Sadly story of my first big quadcopter

My first "big" Quad
Sadly, I am also the owner of a Detect X380.  I have successfully flown a few smaller "copters" in the past starting with my first quad, a Walkera QR W100s and later WLToys V686 and MJX X600 Hexa. My 1st "big" copter was a XK Detect X380. I took my time and read a lot of reviews and the paperwork that...