AuroraRC drones and quadcopters

Coming soon: AuroraRC STICK4 ToothPick FPV drone

Photo of AuroraRC STICK4 drone
AuroraRC’s latest FPV race drone features ToothPick style design. The AuroraRC STICK4 is built on a 154 size carbon fiber frame with 5mm thick arms. The F1507 brush-less motors are matched with 4″ 3-leaf propellers. Its F411 AIO flight controller features BetaFlight OSD and integrated 30A ESC. According to your existing transmitter, besides the PNP package, you can opt for...

Coming soon: AuroraRC Z4 Freestyle 5″ racing quad

AuroraRC Z4 Freestyle FPV Racing drone
The AuroraRC Z4 Freestyle is a complete FPV racing quadcopter nearly ready to fly out of the box. It comes pre-built and configured from the factory. Simply, just add a receiver (PNP version only) and battery and you can be up flying in about 1 hour. According to your existing transmitter, you can opt between FrSky and FlySky radio...

Armor220 FPV drone by AuroraRC: Features & specs

AuroraRC Armor220 fpv racing drone
In my opinion, there are no flying gadgets out there more exciting than FPV drones right now. The Armor 220 paired with a compatible FPV goggles is the closest thing to being a bird. With a starting price of $268, the Armor220 quadcopter its a bit cheaper than its direct competitor, the HOLYBRO KOPIS 1. Both FPV quads are based on the...

AuroraRC PachRay3 FPV racing drone

Photo of AuroraRC PachRay3
AuroraRC stands that their new PachRay3 FPV drone weighs less than 100 grams without a battery. You can power it with 3S and 4S batteries as well, for best results 500~800mah capacity is suggested. Its F7 AIO flight controller comes with integrated 25A ESC and BetaFlight OSD. The frontal Caddx Ant camera is paired with high-broadcast power 5.8G TBS UNIFY...

AlfaRC Herbie 112B: 2.5″ Toothpick FPV drone

Photo of AlfaRC Herbie 112B
The AlfaRC Herbie 112B is a 2.5-inch propeller compatible Toothpick style FPV drone. It is built on a 112m size carbon fiber frame with a nylon protective canopy. In the center of the fuselage is located the 3-layer flight stack (ESC, FC, and VTX). The AlfaRC 1103 8000KV motors are paired with 65mm 2-leaf propellers. AlfaRC opted to equip their...