AuroraRC drones and quadcopters

Coming soon: AuroraRC MAMFU 153mm CineWhoop

Photo of AuroraRC MAMFU drone
Instead of the usual horizontal orientation, AuroraRC opted to install the DJI Air Unit vertically in their new MAMFU FPV drone. This approach allows narrower fuselage and to load the memory card from the top of the drone. AuroraRC MAMFU features a 153mm size carbon fiber frame with foam-padded ducted blade protectors. At the end of each arm, there is...

AuroraRC DEMON: Little devil on the sky

The AuroraRC DEMON features CineWhoop style design with devil-like canopy. For good impact resistance, the 100mm size carbon fiber frame comes with a sponge protection ring. Its onboard FPV camera is also well protected by a 3D printed lens-hood. Adopting CADDX Vista HD digital video transmission system, it can be used with DJI FPV goggles. The lifting power is generated...

AuroraRC Smooth-R FPV combo kit

Photo of Aurora Smooth-R drone
AuroraRC's new Pusher-Whoop style 2" FPV drone is sold in a combo pack with a Jumper T-lite transmitter and Hawkeye 3.5" FPV monitor. The kit also includes two pieces of 450mah 3S 80C batteries and a balance LIPO charger. On the center of the 100m size frame is located the F405 AIO flight controller with integrated 4-in-1 20A ESC. Its...

Coming soon: AuroraRC Z4 Freestyle 5″ racing quad

AuroraRC Z4 Freestyle FPV Racing drone
The AuroraRC Z4 Freestyle is a complete FPV racing quadcopter nearly ready to fly out of the box. It comes pre-built and configured from the factory. Simply, just add a receiver (PNP version only) and battery and you can be up flying in about 1 hour. According to your existing transmitter, you can opt between FrSky and FlySky radio...

AlfaRC Herbie 112B: 2.5″ Toothpick FPV drone

Photo of AlfaRC Herbie 112B
The AlfaRC Herbie 112B is a 2.5-inch propeller compatible Toothpick style FPV drone. It is built on a 112m size carbon fiber frame with a nylon protective canopy. In the center of the fuselage is located the 3-layer flight stack (ESC, FC, and VTX). The AlfaRC 1103 8000KV motors are paired with 65mm 2-leaf propellers. AlfaRC opted to equip their...