Toysky CSJ drones and quadcopter

Toysky Trading LTD is located in ‘toys’ city, Chenghai from China. CSJ is manufacturer and exporter of all kinds of remote control toys, such as drone, helicopter, Cars, and suitable accessories.

CSJ S176 Mini: Cute little toy drone for kids

CSJ S176 Mini
The CSJ S176 Mini comes with lots of newbie-friendly features. It has a compact size, removable blade protectors, headless flight mode, speed control, and a 4-direction obstacle avoidance system. It comes with camera options. While the single-camera version is priced at $40.99, the dual-camera edition for $43.99. Both variants are available with one, two, or three flight batteries. The S176 Mini...

CSJ S189 PRO brushless drone with 4K 2-axis camera

Photo of CSJ S189 PRO
Weighting almost 500 grams, the CSJ S189 PRO can be considered more a budget Mavic Air 2 alternative than a MM one. It features GPS positioning, 4K camera with 2-axis mechanical stabilization, and powerful brushless motors. According to the specs, it can withstand wind gusts of level 6. The CSJ S189 PRO drone comes equipped with two cameras. While the...

CSJ X2: Low-cost beginner drone for Xmas

Photo of CSJ X2 drone
The CSJ X2 drone is easy to control, with plenty of newbies friendly features such as headless mode, auto-hover, emergency stop, one-key takeoff/landing, and multiple flight speed rates. All functions allow to fly it without fear, even for the beginners. Furthermore, it comes with removable blade protectors for even safer learning flights for kids. This low-cost drone has two camera...

CSJ S177: Cheap toy drone with 4K camera

Photo of CSJ S177 drone
The CSJ S177 was announced in 3 versions (in the picture below you can find detailed specifications), two with GPS positioning, and one with optical flow positioning. All variants come with a 4K main camera and a secondary 720P bottom camera. According to your phone's WIFI standard, you can opt between 2.4G and 5G real-time image transmission (FPV). I know...

CSJ X7 Pro2: Rebranded ZLRC SG906 Pro 2 Beast

Photo of CSJ X7 Pro 2
At first glance, this CSJ X7 Pro2 is a rebranded SG906 Pro 2. Excepting the lack of the 'Beast' logo from the top of the fuselage, these two foldable drones have exactly the same design. Both drones feature a 4K main camera with 3-axis gimbal stabilization and a secondary bottom 720P camera. According to the rumored specs, the CSJ X7...

CSJ S161: Toy grade Mavic Air 2 clone

Image of CSJ S161 Mini Pro
To clarify things from the beginning, the CSJ S161 Mini Pro is only a design clone, not a real Mavic Air 2 alternative. Even its camera which promises 4K resolution it’s not capable to capture truly cinematic UHD videos. Also, being equipped with brushed motors, instead of more reliable brushed ones, it can be considered just a toy instead...

CSJ S166 entry level GPS enabled drone

photo of CSJ S166 drone
Weighing just 202 grams, featuring onboard 4K camera and foldable design you could believe that the CSJ S166 is a great and affordable Mavic Mini alternative. The biggest advantage of this drone is the brushed motors which are less reliable than the MINI’s brushless motors. The CSJ S166 is available with 3 types of on-board cameras. Two versions are featuring...

ToySky CSJ S162: Mavic Mini clone for less than $100

ToySky CSJ S162
From the first sight, it is obvious that the ToySky CSJ S162 wants to copy the Mavic Mini’s design in every detail. It features similar foldable arms, battery compartment, and landing gears. Furthermore, it claims to have also 249g just like the MINI. Toy-Sky offers its CSJ S162 drone with two types of cameras. While 1080P version is advertised for...