Toysky CSJ drones and quadcopter

Toysky Trading LTD is located in ‘toys’ city, Chenghai from China. CSJ is manufacturer and exporter of all kinds of remote control toys, such as drone, helicopter, Cars, and suitable accessories.

CSJ S166 entry level GPS enabled drone

photo of CSJ S166 drone
Weighing just 202 grams, featuring onboard 4K camera and foldable design you could believe that the CSJ S166 is a great and affordable Mavic Mini alternative. The biggest advantage of this drone is the brushed motors which are less reliable than the MINI’s brushless motors. The CSJ S166 is available with 3 types of on-board cameras. Two versions are featuring...

ToySky CSJ S162: Mavic Mini clone for less than $100

ToySky CSJ S162
From the first sight, it is obvious that the ToySky CSJ S162 wants to copy the Mavic Mini’s design in every detail. It features similar foldable arms, battery compartment, and landing gears. Furthermore, it claims to have also 249g just like the MINI. Toy-Sky offers its CSJ S162 drone with two types of cameras. While 1080P version is advertised for...

CSJ S177: Cheap toy drone with 4K camera

Photo of CSJ S177 drone
The CSJ S177 was announced in 3 versions (in the picture below you can find detailed specifications), two with GPS positioning, and one with optical flow positioning. All variants come with a 4K main camera and a secondary 720P bottom camera. According to your phone's WIFI standard, you can opt between 2.4G and 5G real-time image transmission (FPV). I know...