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Hexacopters are drones with six motors.

Theoretically, hexa-copters are not just more stable (over four-motor design - quadcopters) but also should offer some redundancy on motor failure.

Hexa-copter drone

Usually  hexacopters are used for commercial applications like aerial filming. Thanks to the six-motor design, they are more powerful allowing greater payload.

Hexacopters news and Hexacopter review

JJRC H20C hexacopter review

JJRC H20C eview
JJRC H20C mini hexa-copter with 720P camera Somehow I missed to review the JJRC H20C 's predecessor, which was probably the first affordable mini hexa-copter. These two models have approximately the same design but the newer H20C is slightly bigger and comes with a nicer remote controller. Certainly, the most attractive improvement of the H20C over the older H20 is the...

FQ777 126C pocket hexa-copter

FQ777 126C Spider hexa-copter
FQ777-126C Spider with 2MP camera I own a couple of pocket multi-rotors like this FQ777 126C Spider and frankly I love them all. I find it very practical that you can store and carry the aircraft inside the remote controller. The transmitter is small enough to fit inside of a larger pocket so you can take with you everywhere and anytime your favorite RC toy. The FQ777-126C's...

Can I fly with one dead motor?

Can I fly my quadcopter with one propeller or motor loss? Usually the answer is No! For redundancy you will need at least a hexacopter but, the best for motor or prop failsafe operations are the octacopters. In the YouTube video below you can see what happens if you lose one propeller of your quadcopter. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bsHryqnvyYA Thanks for the new quadrocopter failsafe algorithm, the aircraft can recovery after propeller or...

HexH2O Pro v2 waterproof hexacopter

HexH2O Pro V2 profesional waterproof drone
HexH2O Pro v2 professional waterproof drone for commercial use Usually I accept for review most of the offered quadcopters. This HexH2O Pro v2, being more expensive than my wife's car, would make me think twice. The predicted price of this marine drone starts from 6000 euro (6449 USD). Quadh2o is a UK based drone company orientated on waterproof multi-rotors. Their first water...