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JJRC X1 quadcopter review

JJRC X1 review
JJRC X1 affordable quadcopter with brushless motors I started my journey in the world of  quadcopters with a cheap brushed drone because, at that time, it didn't exist affordable brushless models like this JJRC X1. Based on my experience, the biggest problem of the cheaper brushed DC motors is that after only 10-15 flights they burn out. When it comes to cheap models, I consider...

Litchi APP for DJI Phantom and Inspire drones

Litchi DJI APP review
Unleash the devil of your DJI quadcopter with Litchi APP I have heard for the first time about the Litchi APP 6 months ago, when I reviewed the Phantom 3 Advanced quadcopter. At that time I wanted to learn how to pilot the quad through the DJI GO APP because I was reticent with third party applications. Later I read that APPs like Litchi enables some pretty cool features that are...

Eachine TX01 and TX02 micro FPV camera review

Eachine TX01 and Eachine TX02 camera review
Review of the super mini Eachine TX01 and TX02 FPV cameras Few weeks ago when I reviewed Eachine's first AIO FPV camera I was surprised by its small size. Now they did it again, the Eachine TX01 and TX02 are even smaller. These two new FPV cameras are specially designed for small brushed drones. Through the TX01 FPV camera it seems that finally...

Cheerson CX-10W review

Cheerson CX-10W review
Cheerson CX-10W world's smallest first person view quadcopter Yesterday, when I received the Cheeson CX-10W for review and I sow the size of the package I knew it would be my shortest review and basically useless to make an unboxing video :) The CX-10W is the 3rd generation of the Cheerson Hobby mini quadcopter series. First model of this series, the CX10 was revealed about...

Eachine E10C Mini quadcopter review

Eachine E10C quadcopter review
Eachine E10C Mini - world's smallest quad with HD camera Visually, there are not too much differences between the Eachine E10C mini quad and the Cheerson CX-10C. Guys from Eachine probably copied 1:1 the design of the aircraft. In order to make the E10C quadcopter (aka Pro Cam) more attractive than its contender, the manufacturer equipped this little aircraft with a HD 720P camera instead of a low...

Cheerson CX-35 quadcopter review

Cheerson CX-35 review
Cheerson CX-35 Phantom all-in-one FPV quad Few weeks ago when I introduced this Cheerson CX-35 on my blog's quadcopter news section, it was probably the first affordable FPV quad with altitude-hold. Now, it is time to have a closer look on this CX-35 quad-copter and evaluate its performance. I promise that I will try to cover in my review the most important aspects...

Walkera F210 quadcopter review

Walkera F210 review
Walkera F210 - Mini racing quadcopter I know that I'm a bit delayed with the review of Walkera F210 because this model was announced at the end of 2015. Lately Walkera announced a new upgraded version called F210 3D with inverted flight mode. After their popular Runner 250 Advanced, last year Walkera announced a bigger model (Furious 320), which looks just like...

JJRC H8C quadcopter

JJRC H8C  - Best quadcopter under $60 This new quadcopter comes under different names: JJRC H8C, JJRC F183 or DFD F183. All of them are offering the same flight characteristics and features. They also have the same design and I think that the spare parts are interchangeable between these models. The JJRC H8C has an on-board 2Mp HD camera that allows the pilot to capture aerial videos with...

Eachine E55 review: Ultra compact sElfie drone

Eachine E55 Mini review and test
Tiny cameras that can fly still seemed like a sci-fi dream just few years ago but,  with Eachine's new E55 quadcopter, the future has arrived and it's dirt cheap. Cheap flying cameras like Eachine E55 are very often called "Selfie drones", but this is a bit exaggerated. The truth is that you can't buy anything under $500 in compliance with the term. When it comes to affordable drones,...

SYMA X5UW quadcopter review

Syma X5UW quadcopter review
SYMA X5UW drone - Is it the perfect Christmas gift? In my opinion, the Syma X5 series is one of the most popular entry level quadcopter family and I bet that this year the SYMA X5UW will be found under many Christmas trees. I think the nice candy red color will make it attractive even for girls :) My quadcopter addiction started about 3...

Cheerson CX-10WD mini quad in-depth review

Cheerson CX-10WD quadcopter review
Cheerson CX-10WD - the smallest quadcopter with altitude hold and WiFi FPV This new Pokémon GO craziness, as I saw in a YouTube video, end it up with some dude trying to hunt them using a mini quadcopter just like this Cheerson CX-10WD. Frankly, I don't know how he came up with this stupid idea. He probably opted for this...