SKYSTARS quadcopter and drone brand

In this category you found all the latest FPV drone models from the SKYSTARS brand also the best SKYSTARS quadcopter reviews.

Coming soon: SKYSTARS G520S 7″ FPV racing drone

SKYSTARS G520S FPV racing drone
SKYSTARS is about to release their third FPV drone designed for long range flights. The SKYSTARS G520S comes with 7 inch propeller compatibility and optional GPS module. According to the first rumors, it can be powered by up to 5S LIPO batteries. At the end of each 4mm arm there is a powerful SkyStars 2306 KV2750 motor. Speed of each...

Coming soon: Skystars Ratel 140X FPV drone

SKYSTATS Ratel 140X FPV quadcopter
The Skystars Ratel 140X drone works with 1408 size brushless motors and 3" propellers. The carbon-fiber frame have a motor to motor length of 145mm. In order to be lightweight and durable in the same time, it adopts 4m bottom plate and 1.5mm top plate. By default, the F4 flight controller comes with BetaFlight firmware. According to your flight skills...

SkyStars TALON X110 FPV drone (2-4s LIPO compatible)

SkyStars TALON X110
While few years ago we never heard about SkyStars in the UAV industry, this year they become one of the most active player on the racing quadcopter market. Just this month, we introduced in our drone news section 3 more FPV drones besides the SkyStars TALON X110. According to your existing remote controller you can opt to purchase the TALON...

Coming soon: Skystars StarLord GK7 FPV drone

Skystars StarLord GK7
With 297mm wheelbase, GPS and up to 800mW VTX, the Skystars StarLord GK7 drone is designed for long range FPV flights. The Skystars ST2306 motors are paired with 7" propellers. Instead of a 4-in-1 ESC board, the manufacturer opted for 4 individual 40A rated ESC modules. In addition to the on-board Ratel FPV camera, you can install a second...

Coming soon: SKYSTARS RXT-X219 FPV drone

SKYSTARS RXT-X219 FPV racing drone
While the LED lights on the SkyStars RXT-X219 are mainly useless for the FPV pilots, they will make definitively more attractive the race for the audience. As you can see in the image bellow, the RXT-X219 FPV drone comes with 10 pieces of WS2812 RGB LEDs on each arm (5 on each side). As its name says, the SKYSTARS RXT-X219...