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Here you can find the latest firmware for many flight controllers.

DEVO 10 User manual

Walkera DEVO 10 User manual download page This DEVO 10 remote controller has an easy to read and intuitive menu. The screen is viewable even in the sunniest days because the display of the transmitter has a powerfull backlight. The transmitter has 10 real channels that you can use and it can be paired with the RX1002 10-channel receiver. Like other professional transmitters, the DEVO-10's firmware can be updated also via the...

Cheerson Cx-10 manual

Cheerson CX-10 user manual download page You may think that, as the Cheerson CX-10 is probably one of the smallest quadcopter in the word and it's just a toy, you don't need a user manual. Only if you read this instruction manual you will find how to switch between Junior, Intermediate and Advanced mode or how to make a 360 degree flips. This user manual includes also some safety...

X5C User manual

Syma X5C instruction manual download page Before your first flight with a new quadcopter it's very useful to read the aircraft's instruction manual. You will find more then ten useful chapters in this user manual: Key features of quadcopter; Safety & Caution of using RC aircrafts; X5C Package content; Remote control keypad and LCD user manual; How to make ready your Syma X5C quadcopter...

Cheerson CX-20 User manual

Cheerson CX-20 user manual download page. You will find in this user manual everything you need to operate and fly this GPS quadcopter. This aircraft is a DJI Phantom clone with a better price, has GPS, one button return home, altitude hold, headless flight, GoPro camera mount, stable mode and manual mode. This is the ultimate quadcopter in it's price range for first person flight and aerial...