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Kylin KF-250 racing quadcopter

Kylin KF-250 quadcopter
Kylin KF-250 first person view racer Just published my Runner 250 Advance review and already have my eye on another racing quadcopter, the Kylin KF-250. Built around the CC3D flight controller, it can be a very serious competitor on its segment.As I mentioned many times, racing quadcopters are full of fun but, in my opinion, there are suitable only for advanced pilots.Unlike the previously mentioned...

Yuxiang 668 A3 quadcopter with camera

Yuxiang 668 A3 Quad
Yuxiang 668 A3 Quad with headless mode When I sow the first images with this Yuxiang 668 A3 Quadcotper I thought we are dealing with another Syma clone. The design of the airframe, landing legs and propeller guards seems to be almost identical. The remote controllers also very similar, the only difference is that the Yuxiang 668 A3's one has a sticker instead of the status display.The...

YIFEI M-250 with brushless motors

YIFEI M - 250 quadcopter
Parrot YIFEI M-250 Quad aka JJRC X1 Few days ago I read about a very similar model, the X1 from JJRC. This YIFEI M-250 quadcopter looks to be the same model sold under a different brand name.Honestly, till now I was a Syma fan. I considered their models to be the best ones in the middle range ($50-$150). I think that the...

DYS X230 racer quadcopter

DYS X230 racing quadcopter
DYS X230 racing quadcopter with HD camera Dong Yang Model Technology aka DYS is a well known quadcopter and related products manufacturer. This DYS X230 is their latest product announced at the end of October and it claims to be a very good racing quadcopter.The advertised control range is 1KM, witch is probably far enough for most of us. To achieve this long...

Cheerson CX-33W with WIFI control

Cheerson CX-33W tricopter
Cheerson CX-33W with smartphone gravity control I first read about this CX-33W few weeks ago and because its unique design it was hard for me to tag it. It has only 3 arms instead of 4, as usual for quad-copters, so I should call it a tri-copter? No, it is not that simple because it has motors and propellers on each side of the...

Ehang GhostDrone 2.0 Avatar

Ehang Ghost 2.0 Avatar
Ehang GhostDrone 2.0 with 4K camera and VR glasses Few minutes ago a new professional quadcotper was listed on BG's website. The Ehang Ghost 2.0 Avatar will be available in 4 different versions. The most expensive model together with a VR  goggles will provide an ultimate flight experience. Through the VR glasses can be set also the tilt angle of the camera...

NIHUI TOYS U807 with headless mode

NIHUI TOYS U807 drone
NIHUI TOYS U807 quadcopter with HD camera My first opinion when I saw this quadcopter was to skip over it but finally I decided that this NIHUI TOYS U807 worth at least to mention few words about it in my quadcopter news section.These kind of cheap Chinese quadcopters have a poor reputation about their reliability. Battery and motor failures may appear after only few...

FUAV Smargle complete fpv quadcopter

FUAV Smargle quad
FUAV Smargle - the next Phantom killer? I already introduced an interesting multi-rotor model from FUAV, the Seraphi-GPS. This new FUAV Smargle 1 is something totally different in a positive way. It has a very stylish design with retractable landing skids that are absolutely necessary for aerial filming.The FUAV Smargle's remote controller is designed to be used for first person view flights. On the...

Syma X5sC-1 test flight video

Syma X5sC-1 maiden flight video My first flight with the Syma X5sC-1 was very smooth without any issues. As shown in the video, this quadcopter is very stable and easy to fly.The still photos have a disappointing image quality but the videos are pretty good and acceptable for "home" use. Syma X5sC-1 test video https://youtu.be/UZx04RIi5EEI own this Syma quadcopter for about one month and I have not noticed (yet)...

Upcoming reviews in October

October's quadcopter reviews
October’s quadcopter reviews on www.firstquadcopter.com Last month I reviewed the XK X380 quadcotper and I'm still impressed, it can't be compared with any other of my cheap models. Next step is to equip it with gimbal, HD camera and a 5.8GHz video transmission module for first person view flights. I can't wait to go out and fly it again.As it is full autumn and rainy...

Z1 quadcopter with HD camera

Z1 quadcopter
Z1 quadcopter with headless mode and RTH It looks that the Chinese manufacturers remained without inspiration in finding fancy codename for quadcopters, this new model is called simply the "Z1".This Z1 quadcopter comes with all the latest innovations like headless mode and one key return to home.The angle of the camera's lens can be manually adjusted so that the pilots can set their...