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XIRO Xplorer 2 with obstacle avoidance

XIRO Xplorer 2 quadcopter
XIRO Xplorer 2 quadcopter with high-end features Excluding its high price, everything else looks extremely good on this new XIRO Xplorer 2 quadcopter. Frankly, I don't know how the guys from Xiro expect to sell this model on the price of a Yuneec Typhoon H.2016 will be definitely conquered by the quadcotpers with anti-collision system. Thanks to the 360° "radar" sensor, this aircraft is capable to avoid collisions when encounters...

Eachine Assassin 180 racing quad

Eachine Assassin 180 racing quadcopter
Eachine Assassin 180 racing quadcopter with GPS and FPV goggles Although the Eachine Assassin 180 is a small size racing quadcopter, it comes with all the features of the big ones including a GPS positioning system.This new Eachine racing quadcopter has a nice design but not a KILLER one that would deserve the "Assassin" code name :)In the front of the aircraft there is a 520TVL...

Cheerson CX-35 quadcopter with altitude hold

Cheerson CX-35 quadcopter with 5.8GHZ FPV
Cheerson CX-35 quadcopter with 2MP camera and 5.8GHz FPV It passed only few days from 2016 and the Chinese Guangdong Cheerson Hobby RC toy manufacturer already came up with two new quad models. One of them is this Cheerson CX-35 that comes with a very attractive design and complete 5.8 G first person view system. The angle of the 2 MP camera can be...

Keyshare K2 selfie quadcopter

Keyshare K2 quadcopter
Keyshare K2 ultra compact quadcopter with fordable design New year, new quadcopter models :). This Keyshare K2 quad is advertised to be a flying personal camera just perfect for making some awesome selfies.The design of the aircraft tries somehow to imitate a crab but, in the center of the "head", instead of two eyes it has a 12MP HD camera. The angle of...

DJI Phantom 3 price drop

dji phantom 3 price cut
Amazing price cut of the Phantom 3 Advanced and Phantom 3 Standard Few days ago, at CES, was announced a new DJI model, the new Phantom 3 4k. Everyone, including myself, expected that they will come out with something totally new. We all wanted to see a new DJI Phantom 4 with obstacle avoidance, smart watch control and other high-end features.The...

RunCam 2 vs Foxeer Legend 1

RunCam 2 vs Foxeer Legend 1
Battle of the best quadcopter cameras - RunCam 2 vs Foxeer Legend 1 Yesterday it was a cold but nice sunny day so I thought it would be time for the first flight of 2016 :)I have planed this side by side camera test for a while but only now I found the right time and also had the mood to do it.I...

JJRC H25G quadcoper with FPV camera

JJRC H25G FPV quadcopter
JJRC H25G first person view quadcopter Frankly, it is already hard to count how many quadcotper models JJRC released in 2015. They announced even in the last week of the year two more quadcopter series, the H25 and H29. I will focus in this article on the JJRC H25G which seems for me to be the most interesting of them.This...

JYU Hornet S FPV quadcopter

JYU Hornet S FPV Quadcopter
JYU Hornet S with 12MP camera and FPV goggles Now that Santa has brought everyone the wished quadcopter let's see what we could wish for next year :). This JYU Hornet S  seems to be the ideal gift as it is an all-in-one concept. It comes with 3 axis brushless gimbal, 12 MP camera and FPV goggles.I've just read that,...

Traxxas Aton quadcopter

Traxxas Aton
Aton quadcopter - Your personal video assistant This new Traxxas Aton brings a new all-in-one concept in the world of multi-rotors by having a sporty design and offering the features of an aerial platform. The Aton quadcopter is the second model of the Traxxas manufacturer which is mainly specialized in RC cars.The "Plus" edition of the Aton quadcopter comes additionally with a 2-axis...

ROA Parkour 280 Racer quadcopter

ROA Parkour 280 Racing quadcopter
ROA Parkour 280 racing quadcopter with foldable arms Frankly, I never heard before anything about the manufacturer of the ROA Parkour 280 racer quadcopter, but I'm already used with more and more "players" entry on the market. This is good because this way the price of the RC products are going down.Last weekend I had my first flights with a truly racing quadcopter,...

FLYPRO XEagle Professional Quadcopter

FLYPRO XEagle Proffesional
FLYPRO XEagle with 4K camera and xWatch Lately I read that many quadcopter manufacturers started to develop obstacle avoidance. This FLYPRO XEagle seems to be the first consumer grade quadcopter which adopts this high-end feature. With a built-in infrared photoelectric sensor can detect obstacles from 10cm up to 15meters and avoid collisions. I'm very curious to see the first test videos of this features.The...