Wingsland M1 (Scarlet Minivet) quadcopter

Wingsland just relaunched the Scarlet Minivet under an M1 product name. Apparently, the WINGSLAND M1 has the same design and features as the old model (2015). This new version comes with an extremely friendly price tag. The WINGSLAND M1 is advertised for only $176.99! Wingsland M1 (Scarlet Minivet) - The flying beauty Under the shadow of the DJI Phantom 3 launch, a new...

DJI Phantom 3 is here!

DJI Phantom 3 Quadcopter
DJI Phantom 3 - Professional and Advanced version After the popular Phantom and Phantom 2, finally was released the latest DJI Phantom 3 quadcopter. The new DJI Phantom 3 is available in two versions, Professional with 12MP 4K camera and Advanced with 12MP 1080P camera. On both models, the camera is installed on a  3-axis gimbal that keeps the camera super stable to allow long exposure photos. Both versions of the...


Syma X5SW Explorers 2
Syma X5SW Explorers 2  - WIFI FPV quadcopter Meanwhile every one waits for the new X8C for GoPro and alike cameras, a new improved model of the X5 series was announced, the Syma X5SW Explorers 2. My first quadcopter was a X5C that, after one year, I still own and it is always ready for flying. That's why I'm happy to hear that Syma didn't forget this old...

Cheerson CX-22

Cheerson CX-22
Cheerson CX-22 the most expected quadcopter of 2015 Looking for my first GPS quadcopter I found out about this new Cheerson CX-22 multi-rotor. Its launching was just announced on some quadcopter blogs. One of my option for my first GPS quad was the older CX-20 because it has the most attractive price on the market. After I read about this new model I decided to wait for it. Today I contacted my favorite online...

My first GPS quadcopter

My first GPS quadcopter - CX-20, X350Pro or DJI Phantom 2 Last year I purchased my first quadcopter, it was the X5C from Syma. At that time I wanted something cheap to learn how to fly with multi-rotors. After almost one year of usage I can say that it was a good choice. Quickly I moved to other cheap models like the...

IdeaFly Hero-550

IdeaFly Hero 550 big sized quadcopter
IdeaFly Hero-550 standard and Hero-550 deluxe The IdeaFly multi-rotor manufacturer recently announced a new big sized quadcopter, the Hero-550. Compared to the IdeaFly Apollo with white color finish, this new model has an outstanding full black finish with red colored front arms for better orientation. Looking on its takeoff weight, features like telemetry and retractable landing gears, we know that we are dealing with a...

Walkera QR X350 Premium

Walkera QR X350 Premium with dual GPS and FPV This recently announced new quadcopter from Walkera has a completely different design and many new features compared to the previous QR X350. Walkera QR X350 Premium has a very robust design with integrated FPV front camera. In addition to the onboard camera, this quad can be equipped with a 3D gimbal and GoPro...

Lian Sheng LS-128 Sky Hunter

Lian Sheng Toys produced over the time several micro RC helicopters. Now, they want to enter into the world of multi-rotors with their first quadcopter, the LS-128 Sky Hunter. Who has not seen the famous movie, Frankenstein, with a doctor who was trying to discover a way to create a person from parts. If you carefully look at the LS-128 Sky...

Syma X5SC Falcon

Syma X5SC Falcon - Headless quadcopter The popular X5C gets his second upgrade. This time, the engineers from Syma added headless mode to this model of quadcopter. Compared to the older model, the X5SC will be also available in black finish not just white and gets some high landing skids. The Syma X5SC Falcon is using the same 2MP camera instead of a new generation 5MP...

EHang Ghost Quad

EHang Ghost is claiming to be the world's easiest to fly a quadcopter. It is perfect for beginners and experienced pilots as well. The EHang Ghost smartphone quadcopter is available in 3 different versions and 4 colors (white, blue, red, and black): Ghost Basic, no camera or gimbal; Ghost Aerial with 2D gimbal; Ghost Aerial Plus with 2D gimbal and HD...