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Lately, Hubsan becomeĀ a very popular quadcopter brand due to the good quality of their products.

Hubsan quadcopters andĀ drones

Latest Hubsan quadcopters. Best Hubsan drone quadcopters. Here you can find all the RC quadcopters from the Hubsan brand.

Hubsan H216A X4 DESIRE PRO quadcopter

Hubsan H216A X4 DESIRE PRO
Hubsan, a serious player on the toy drone market, just announced their new UAV called Hubsan H216A X4 DESIRE PRO. Like most of the latest drones, the Hubsan H216A also features dual control mode. You can control the aircraft through the included HT009 transmitter or through you smartphone. In front of the fuselage is located the FULL HD camera, witch allows to record...

Hubsan H111D quadcopter review

Hubsan H111D quadcopter review
Hubsan H111D world's first mini FPV quadcopter Since I started the FirstQuadcopter.com blog I wrote about many Hubsan models in the quadcopter news section but till now I have not had the chance to review one. I was extremely happy when one of my partners offered me this Hubsan H111D for review especially that it's a very new model on the marked so I will be between the first...

Hubsan H501S X4 quadcopter with GPS

Hubsan H501S X4 quadcopter
Hubsan H501S X4 Pro micro brushless quadcopter Few weeks ago I was asked by one of my partners whether I'm interested to review the Hubsan H501S X4 quadcopter. Although I really liked the eye catching design I refused him and I opted for a another model. In my opinion, designing a micro brushless quadcotper with GPS positioning system is a great idea. I think...

Hubsan Nano Q4 H111C and H111D

Hubsan Nano Q4 H111D and H111C
Hubsan Nano FPV Q4 and Nano Q4 Plus Hubsan announced recently two new micro quadcotpers, H111C and H111D. The Nano FPV Q4 (aka H111D) featuring a complete FPV system is the more expensive model. It costs more than twice compared to the H111C. The Hubsan H111D has a more versatile transmitter with integrated 4.3" FPV display. Through the FPV screen can be displayed the camera's...