Lately Eachine become a well know quadcopter brand thanks to their good prices.If you are an FPV racing enthusiast, Eachine is probably one of your favorite drone brand.

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Latest Eachine drone models and review of the best Eachine quadcopters.

Eachine E30W quadcopter review

Eachine E30W quadcopter review
Eachine E30W - The mini Phantom 3 Pro Eachine is a very popular quadcopter and FPV accessories manufacturer among RC enthusiasts. Over the time, they released many cheap models like this Eachine E30W but also some pretty cool racer quadcopters. I also tested and reviewed their 7 " FPV screen which proved to have good quality at reasonable price.If you are a Pro,...

Eachine Blade 185 racing quadcopter

Eachine Blade 185 racing quadcopter
Eachine Blade 185 - First Affordable racing quad with GPS Preparing my quadcopter review for another model that I just received, I accidentally came across with this Eachine Blade 185. As I consider it is a very promising racing quad I immediately contacted BG to see if they can send me one for testing :)Over the time, from an unknown manufacturer, Eachine became...

Eachine E10C Mini quadcopter review

Eachine E10C quadcopter review
Eachine E10C Mini - world's smallest quad with HD camera Visually, there are not too much differences between the Eachine E10C mini quad and the Cheerson CX-10C. Guys from Eachine probably copied 1:1 the design of the aircraft. In order to make the E10C quadcopter (aka Pro Cam) more attractive than its contender, the manufacturer equipped this little aircraft with a HD 720P camera instead of a low...

Eachine Assassin 180 racing quad

Eachine Assassin 180 racing quadcopter
Eachine Assassin 180 racing quadcopter with GPS and FPV goggles Although the Eachine Assassin 180 is a small size racing quadcopter, it comes with all the features of the big ones including a GPS positioning system.This new Eachine racing quadcopter has a nice design but not a KILLER one that would deserve the "Assassin" code name :)In the front of the aircraft there is a 520TVL...

Eachine H8C Mini quadcopter review

Eachine H8C Mini eview
Eachine H8C Mini - Cheapest quadcopter with camera Newbies are always looking for affordable models with on-board camera so this new Eachine H8C Mini quadcopter seems to be dedicated for them. It has a nice design and extremely attractive price.Eachine had a great success with the previous H8 model being probably the only multi-rotor sold under $13. In order to attract even more customers...

Eachine H8 3D Mini Quad

Eachine H8 3D Mini with up-side-down flight mode This Eachine H8 3D Mini is an upgraded version of the word's cheapest quadcopter the H8 Mini. The main new feature of this model is the inverted flight mode, which is interesting but also costs. The price of the H8 3D Mini qudcopter is almost double compared to the older model. To be more attractive, this new...

Eachine H8 Mini quadcopter review

Eachine H8 Mini
Eachine H8 Mini - Best quadcopter for every beginner As I remember, I paid $60 for my first multi-rotor. I never thought that a quadcopter can be much cheaper until I found out about this Eachine H8 Mini that costs only $13.99. Yes, I didn't mistyped the price and yes, the prices includes free shipping. If you don't believe me you can check by...

Eachine 3D X4 quadcopter review

Eachine 3D X4 quadcopter review
Eachine 3D X4 - acrobatic quadcopter Honestly, when the Eachine 3D X4 was announced, I was not interested at all in this model, I thought it is just a toy for kids.A month ago, I was contacted by Jacky from Banggood to review this model. Initially I hesitated, but after I found more about this mini quadcopter's flight performances, I finally accepted his offer mainly because I was curious about...