Lately Eachine become a well know quadcopter brand thanks to their good prices. If you are an FPV racing enthusiast, Eachine is probably one of your favorite drone brand.

Eachine quadcopters and drones

Latest Eachine drone models and review of the best Eachine quadcopters.

Eachine E010S micro FPV Racing drone

Eachine E010S quadcopter
Eachine E010S quadcopter with 800TVL FPV camera and F3 brushed flight controller This morning, checking the outdoor temperature, I found out that was -18ºC (0º Fahrenheit). This freezing cold kills any outdoor flying fun. Luckily, thanks to the little toys like this Eachine E010S, we can practice indoor even during the coldest winter days. Compared to the Eachine E010 this new upgraded E010S...

Eachine BAT QX105 mini FPV racing quad

Eachine QX105 FPV racing quad
Eachine BAT QX105 all-in-one mini racer drone Before I start introducing this new Eachine BAT QX105 quadcopter, I want to wish a Merry Christmas and Happy Winter Holidays to all of my readers. Like most of the Eachine FPV drones, this new QX105 also comes in two variants (BNF and RTF). According to your existing transmitter you can opt between DSM2/DSMX, FlySky or FrSky receivers. For extra 40...

Eachine Aurora 90 mini brushless FPV quadcopter

Eachine Aurora 90 drone
Eachine Aurora 90 brushless Tiny Whoop clone Following the success of the Tiny QX95, Eachine comes up with a similar sized brushless quadcopter called Aurora 90. The Eachine Aurora 90 adopts the same ducted fan design as the popular TW. Also, in the rear part of the quad there is a nice status bar. According to your existing transmitter you can opt to...

JJRC H37 Elfie quadcopter review

JJRC H37 Elfie review
JJRC H37 - the cheapest smartphone controlled foldable "selfie drone" Usually selfie drones like this JJRC H37 Elfie are very expensive gadgets. Although the design of the JJRC Elfie is very similar with the one ZeroTech Dobby has, they are from completly different league. Actually is a bit exaggerated to categorize the H37 as a selfie quadcopter. In 2016, most of the major drone manufactures like Yuneec and DJI...

Eachine Falcon 120 ultra-compact FPV quadcopter

Eachine Falcon 120 FPV racing drone
Eachine Falcon 120 tiny micro FPV racing drone Slowly Eachine slowly becomes one of the most popular racing quadcopter manufacturer. They announce new models almost every month. The Eachine Falcon 120 is currently their smallest brushless model. Although has a small size (120mm) I will recommend it for indoor flights only for experienced pilots. The powerful brushless motors can produce serious damages. The...

Eachine Tiny QX95 micro FPV drone review

Eachine Q95 review
Eachine QX 95 - My first micro brushed FPV racing quadcopter After many brushless racing quadcopters, I thought that it would be nice to review a micro brushed quadcopter like this Eachine Tiny QX95. In my opinion, these little RC toys are not just cheaper but also somehow more practical than the powerful brushed quads. For example, this Eachine QX 95 weights only 56g which makes...

Eachine Turbine QX70 cheap Tiny Whoop clone

Eachine Turbine QX70 micro racing quadcopter
Eachine Turbine QX70 with SP F3 EVO brushed FC and 520TVL FPV camera Like the E010 model, this new Turbine QX70 from Eachine follows the nice ducted fans design of the Tiny Whoop. After several tries, it seems that Eachine finally managed to offer something that can really compete with the features of the popular Tiny Whoop. The Eachine Turbine QX70 is build around the versatile...

Eachine E010 Mini quadcopter review

Eachine E010 review
Eachine E010 cheap mini drone with ducted fans At the time when Eachine E010 Mini was announced everyone was curious if it can beat in terms of features and specs the Blade Inductrix or the Tiny Whoop (TW). Especially because the E010 Mini is sold for a fraction of their price. Although the above 3 mentioned mini quadcopters have approximately the same design, only the TW features a FPV camera. I...

Eachine Pioneer E350 quadcopter for aerials

Eachine Pioneer E350 drone
Eachine Pioneer E350 - The new Phantom killer ? Finally, after several racing models, Eachine surprised us with a nice cruising quadcopter. This Eachine Pioneer E350 equipped with a GoPro or Xiaomi camera looks just perfect for aerial filming. In order to allow smooth and vibration free videos this quadcopter is equipped with a 2-axis brushless gimbal. The design of this Eachine model...

Eachine E30W quadcopter review

Eachine E30W quadcopter review
Eachine E30W - The mini Phantom 3 Pro Eachine is a very popular quadcopter and FPV accessories manufacturer among RC enthusiasts. Over the time, they released many cheap models like this Eachine E30W but also some pretty cool racer quadcopters. I also tested and reviewed their 7 " FPV screen which proved to have good quality at reasonable price. If you are a Pro,...

Eachine Blade 185 racing quadcopter

Eachine Blade 185 racing quadcopter
Eachine Blade 185 - First Affordable racing quad with GPS Preparing my quadcopter review for another model that I just received, I accidentally came across with this Eachine Blade 185. As I consider it is a very promising racing quad I immediately contacted BG to see if they can send me one for testing :) Over the time, from an unknown manufacturer, Eachine became...